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Danza UpⅡ-Amor burbuja v1.5.0315 Mod Apk

Dance UpⅡ-Love Bubble

Danza UpⅡ-Amor burbuja v1.5.0315 Mod Apk

◆Ride a mount together! Nuevo sistema de montaje está en línea romántica!
Convocar a una montura e invitar a su querido montar juntos! Recibe las diferentes sensaciones románticas! Puede llamar a los montajes en salas de juego o la Torre Tiempo.

◆ Compruebe wiki de la moda en el Museo de Arte de ropa hermosa.
You want to check details of clothes? Tap “Clothes”! You want to check the light effects of Magic Dream Lab? Tap “Magic Dream Lab”! More wonderful contents will be updated in wiki system, así que estad atentos! You can see various kinds of clothes by selecting different light effect types, clothes types, and your preferences. You can see clothes with starlight, colorido, Dazzling, fantastic or normal effect by selecting different kinds of light effects.

◆One-key settle to “slim” your backpack!
Warehouse system is updated! Just start to “slim” your backpack! Open backpack page, you will see a prompt showing “ Long press to open settle page” for 5 segs. Long press the clothes which you wear rarely and tap “Put in warehouse”. And it is available to cancel!

◆Lucky Magic Circle
Tap “Lucky Magic” on the left bottom of main page to summon Lucky Magic Circle! Lucky Magic Circle is divided into two kinds: Gold Ticket Magic Circle and Gold Magic Circle. You can summon for free every 24 hrs in these two Magic Circles. Además, you will get Dance Up Coin Chips and Dance Up Coins!

◆Eight New Play Modes!
There are eight play modes: Supper Bubble mode, Rainbow mode, Tinkle mode, Hot Dancing mode, modo de roca, El modo clásico, Dace up mode and Bubble Mode. Players will get “Perfect” if they score the highest, and then there will appear beautiful special effects if players get “perfect” continuously. es tan bueno! También, if one player scores the highest in a multiple dancing, the system will show his solo dancing among others players. How impressive it will be!

◆The Newest Wedding SystemFantastic Violet Themed Wedding!
Dance UpⅡ-Love Bubblenow launches its new wedding system. Besides the beautiful wedding scene, there will be sweet red pockets, wedding candies and wedding rings! From acquaintance to friend, friend to love, all of these are the witness of our marriage. The new wedding system also has a new blessing ranking, you’ll be in the ranking list if you are one of ten couples who receive most blessings. Just show up your sweet!

◆Interesting challenges, funny dressing-up adventures!
New dance challenging mode “Aladdin’s Lantern” brings you a completely different challenge. Challenge right now and dress yourself like Aladdin or Vampire Counts! No te lo pierdas!

◆New upgrade of Guild, bailar hasta!!
The third section of Guild system has been opened! Guild Mall and Guild events are updated! Guild medal offers splendid effect. Let’s dance!

◆Beautiful game scenes, dreamy stage, grasp the rhythm of love!
The advanced 3D engine provides the most beautiful dancing scenes for you to experience the most romantic stage and get the most amazing visual impression. Unique move, dazzling light effects and strong sound effect make the popular songs more wonderful!

◆Dancing gamevarious of styles, ring the changes!
Fashionable dresses, Fairy-tale wings and adorable pets belong to you! Your myth about love is written by yourself. Thousands of fashion stylings are waiting for you to collect!

◆Warm friend system, friends are around you!
New function to upload your photo to show your charm! The romantic couple system witnesses the fantastic wedding. You can be enmeshed in romantic breath everywhere!

Version Number:1.5.0315

1.New Mount system
2.New Red Pocket Grabbing system
3.New warehouse system
4.New wiki system
5.New Lucky Magic Circle
6.New Dance Up page

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Dance UpⅡ-Love Bubble
Dance UpⅡ-Love Bubble
Dance UpⅡ-Love Bubble
Dance UpⅡ-Love Bubble
Dance UpⅡ-Love Bubble
Dance UpⅡ-Love Bubble

características mods:
Auto Perfect [Acaba de danza mode Classic Up + burbuja +]


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