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v1.0.2 diabólica Mod Apk (Desbloqueado)


v1.0.2 diabólica Mod Apk (Desbloqueado) Empieza a practicar su risa malvada! Como el mayor genio criminal del mundo, elegir un cubil, contratar a un subordinado, y robar la bola más grande del mundo de papel de aluminio! (O, destruir el mundo. MULTA.)

“Diabólico” es una novela de 130.000 palabras interactiva por Nick Aires, donde sus opciones controlan la historia. Es completamente basado en texto–sin gráficos o efectos de sonido–y alimentada por la gran, poder imparable de tu imaginación.

famoso, feared, or filthy rich—why not all three? You’ve got the money and the motives to build an evil empire worthy of the most ruthless villain the world has ever seen. Crush the good guys and terrorize the populace! Stamp a big red “Fallar” on your enemiesforeheads! Plunder your way to world domination – or sit back and pet your kitty while your henchmen do it for you.

Will you be a high-tech daredevil, a ruthless military soldier, or an apparition terrifying to behold? What calling card will you leave at the scene of your crimes? Whatever your choices, the results will be diabolical.

• Play a villainous story of scheming, grandstanding, and laughing evilly.
• Interview and hire the best possible (or best available) esbirro.
• Decide when to use trickery, when to use force, and when to hide behind henchmen.
• Choose the ultimate, guaranteed-to-be-infamous nickname.
• Play as male or female, with straight, Gay, and bisexual romance options.
• Destroy the world!



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