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Au mobile Corée v1.5.0315 Mod Apk Auto Parfait

Au Mobile Korea

Au mobile Corée v1.5.0315 Mod Apk Auto Parfait Caractéristiques du jeu:

propose des promenades ouvertes!
Toujours marcher autour ?? maintenant monter! Grâce à divers articles prétentions monter votre propre sens du goût! “Mes frères manèges retirés du Null ~ ~ ~ Bay bwe Choisissons Tour”

◆ atelier magique ouvert!
Le Magic Workshop'm en mesure de lui donner une transformation magique mystique magnifique! Come now quickly have an old item Magic Workshop! After the end of Enchant formerly was, I turned it off so you can not even imagine what the item nicely!

◆ spectacular transformation of the medals!
As the law belong to everyone, even the symbolic identity! Dance up to create your own symbol for this cute medal! Ear Yomi, charismatic, beau, I’m waiting for the various medals so ridiculous

◆ Open Dance Team New! Dance team ipdansik!
Dance team is really indispensable to dance up! Indeyo important. And also the meeting place for friendsdo it starting up and dance of love? ^^ Added a new feature to be even more special this dance team! Feel the future, a deeper sense of belonging with colorful ipdansik Dance Team!

◆ new costumes to add !!! “Danse Up” updated weekly.
Let’s create a variety of costumes, chaussures, chapeaux, accessoires, Ailes, styles de cheveux, ton style! You can also send gifts to people like me!

◆ friend, lover search and enjoy the dance with up !!
Dance-uplocation search! Friends around the search feature. Exceeded the limit of distance. Free Meet friends. Love is everywhere!

◆ The popular K-pop songs!
The more popular in K-Pop.
Various music genres: dance to hip hop as well! Classics from various genres are into! “Dance-upPlease wait for a heart pounding music every week new additions!

◆ New Love Music mode
Perfect if you succeed in a row in the game play mode appears wonderfully colorful special effects, including one who is given the opportunity to export the solo dance in front of the stage! Love adhere transformation complete!

◆ real dance simulation technology (capture de mouvement), Best Dance Performance
Gathered in the tower construction captures the cool dance moves and leaves the behavior of my character Take advantage of the expertise! You can experience dance as the music video effects. Anyone from theDance-upstage can be the shiny star!

– Communauté officiel: http: //dukr.gamedreamer.co.kr/
Official Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/danceup.kr
Official Cafe: http: //cafe.naver.com/danceup4ever.cafe
– contact: cs@gamedreamer.co.kr

댄스업 - 1주년 대규모 업데이트
댄스업 - 1주년 대규모 업데이트
댄스업 - 1주년 대규모 업데이트
댄스업 - 1주년 대규모 업데이트
댄스업 - 1주년 대규모 업데이트
댄스업 - 1주년 대규모 업데이트


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