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Bean Rêves v4.0 Mod Apk (Débloqué)

Bean Dreams

Bean Rêves v4.0 Mod Apk (Débloqué) est une plateforme de l'équipe de rêve qui vous a amené la Quête de Duet et Bean action-packed.

Son interface trompeusement simple vous permet de garder le contrôle complet tout en toutes nouvelles caractéristiques de jeu, graphismes superbes, musique funky et 96 étapes vous rebondir vers de nouveaux sommets!


We distilled the platformer genre to its most pure element — sauteur — and built a modern user interface that taps into the heart of that. Just touch left or touch right… it couldn’t be simpler!


Sur 96 hand-crafted stages await you across 16 unique dreamy worlds. Every world has a specific, gorgeous art-style and soundtrack from acclaimed composer Flashygoodness.

Backflip off enemies and launch yourself from springs in the Fortune Forest!
Dive and swim through the aqueducts of the Bath House!
Find the magic chilli and unleash your full power in the Beach Bazaar!

Prêt, STEADY, Jump!

Forget ‘speed runs’get ready for ‘jump pars’. You can complete stages in a minimum number of jumps to earn bronze, Argent et Or Médailles. When you finish a stage your jumps will be tallied up so every jump will count — Littéralement!


Either locked away, hard to reach or hidden in a secret passage… your pet axolotls are scattered across your dreams! There’s one in each stage to be found and some fruit to feed them too!


Bean’s Quest started our studio’s journey in the world of games. We made three games over three years and we came a long way. With Bean Dreams we have come full circle, revisiting our first game world and pouring into it everything we have learned about mobile game design; it’s a massive new adventure for everyone.


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Bean Dreams
Bean Dreams
Bean Dreams
Bean Dreams
Bean Dreams
Bean Dreams


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