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Affaires Tycoon v1.323 (mod argent apk)

Business Tycoon

Affaires Tycoon v1.323 (mod argent apk) Vous avez toujours voulu être un homme d'affaires? Soyez un vrai capitaliste? Un milliardaire ou mieux?

Affaires Tycoon vous permet de démarrer à partir du bas ( Un petit Book Store) et d'atteindre les hauteurs d'un centre sportif qui porte en millions de millions de capital de plus de 30 différentes entreprises!

Are you ready to Invest you time into best Tycoon Simulator! Build your business tycoon NOW!!

– 32 Different Businesses to run
– 32 Managers to run the businesses for you on auto pilotEarning you money while you are away from the game!
– Sur 150 upgrades to bring in more cash
Level up your business to gain speed upgrades
– Hardcore mode

Hardcore mode
Once you have purchased all the businesses you have the option to enable Hardcore Mode where you restart the game but everything is much more expensive this time around ( you get to keep your multipliers and coins )

Join this addicting business sim idle game now!

*** For anyone experiencing the missing business glitch ***
We are currently working on trying to solve this problem but here is a quick fix that you can do yourself:

(DISCLAIMER: Messing around with the save files can make things worse, please be sure to follow the instructions)

Step One
If you don’t have one already download a File Manager app from the Play Store (ES File Explorer is quite good)

(The following steps are through ES File Explorer, but can be done through any app)

Step Two
Go into the Menu and select Local and choose Device

Step Three
Locate the Business Tycoon folder by going – carte SD > Androïde > données > com.KewlieoGames.BusinessTycoon

Step Four
Once in this folder you should see a folder called Files, open that then go to BusinessStates folder. Once in there change the view to show file size (this is done via the 3 dots icon in the top right corner and selecting View > Large Details

Step Five
Check size of the files for each business, if any show up as 0.00B you need to delete them (should just be 1). Once this has been deleted you can re open the Game (make sure that it’s not already running) and everything should be back. You will have to purchase the business again and if it had a manager on it please get back to me via email or through Facebook ( with which business it was as we have to delete the manager from ManagerStates to get it back.

Business Tycoon
Business Tycoon
Business Tycoon
Business Tycoon
Business Tycoon
Business Tycoon


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