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Munchies Mignon v2.3.1 (contre apk)

Cute Munchies

Munchies Mignon v2.3.1 (contre apk) Oh, regarder toutes ces créatures! Ils sont super mignon et ils sont tous trop faim.
Aidez ces créatures mignonnes à trouver et à manger leurs aliments préférés dans cet amusant et délicieux casse-tête.

Munchies Mignon est une nouvelle et unique balayant jeu de puzzle. Just swipe and find the best route for your character to collect all the scattered foods on the levels, be careful on your track so you are not trapped or stuck on a dead end. But don’t be sad as you can always try again to find a better path to eat everything.
As you swipe away to eat, beaucoup, chomp and chew all the foods, you will unlock more exciting world to explore and find many surprises twist to the puzzle to make it more fun, challenging and exciting.

Pick your favorite character and let’s go on munching together.

● Easy to play with just 1 swipe to play
● Cute characters
● Tons of levels and puzzle
● Delicious munchies and unique environment for each characters
● Great visuals and graphics
● Google Achievements and Leaderboards
● Stuck on solving some levels?, there are Hints for you!
● Build your own Level!
● Play Online Levels and get reward if other players can’t solve your levels

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Cute Munchies
Cute Munchies
Cute Munchies
Cute Munchies
Cute Munchies
Cute Munchies

Many coins and tips
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