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Dot foncé - Tir Unique 'em Up v1.1.8 Mod Apk

Dark Dot - Unique Shoot 'em Up

Dot foncé – Unique Shoot ’em Up v1.1.8 Mod Apk *This game requires Internet Connection to play*

Dark Dot is a vertical scrolling action shooter that allows you to draw and manipulate your very own army of Darklets using formations.

dessiner, REDIMEN & tourner
You can Draw, Resize and Rotate to manipulate your army formation and shoot down all who would stand in your way. [Cue evil laughter]

•Draw any shapeA circle, Carré, a cat or an unicorn!
•ResizeShrink your formation to focus fire or expand to spread out the shooting formation.
•RotateManeuver around obstacles or avoid projectiles! Do it like a pro!

Story Mode: Sur 100 niveaux
Play through over a hundred levels and take over the Elemental Worlds!

Collect and upgrade or evolve over 80 unique Darklets, each with their very own skills and power.
Get special Darklets like the Pandarklet and the Azure Dragon Darklet and watch them lead your army to victory.

il y a 9 Elemental Darklet types that you can equip to your team, each with a different power move!
•Darkshoots moderate range of projectiles
•Airshoots homing projectiles
•Electricelectric energy that flows from Darklet to Darklet, damaging anything that it passes through
•Fireshoots short range but widespread rapid flames
•Magmaleaves a trail of magma
•Earthvery short range, deals damage to all direction and also blocks enemies projectile
•Mudshoots moderate range and blocks enemies projectile
•Waterfixed range concentrated attack and shoots over obstacles
•Iceshoots ice shards that re-bounce and break into smaller shards upon first contact

Mode sans fin & plus
•Endless ModeTop the leaderboards and show ’em who’s the King!
•Powered Boss ModeDaily Boss Fights with big rewards!
•Daily Loot RunsGather rare resources and level up your team!

Lead your Darklets and conquer the world!!!
(PS: Ce jeu nécessite une connexion Internet!)

If you’re facing any problems, Visitez and send us a message! We’ll send help asap!

We would really appreciate any feedback you may have about the game so that we can make it better and we really want to hear what you’ve got in mind. Drop us a mail at and let’s chat!

Shoot us an email or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as we release more updates and content! Don’t by shy.. come say hi!

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Dark Dot - Unique Shoot 'em Up
Dark Dot - Unique Shoot 'em Up
Dark Dot - Unique Shoot 'em Up
Dark Dot - Unique Shoot 'em Up
Dark Dot - Unique Shoot 'em Up
Dark Dot - Unique Shoot 'em Up

1.) action points *
2.) aether *
3.) elemateria *

* augmenter au lieu de diminuer


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