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Guérison Simulator v1.0 Mod Apk (Débloqué)

Healing Simulator

Guérison Simulator v1.0 Mod Apk (Débloqué) NOUS PRENONS VOS COMMENTAIRES ET FAIRE UNE NOUVELLE ET MEILLEURE SIMULATEUR DE GUÉRISON POUR 2015 ! Assurez-vous donc d'écrire dans vos commentaires ce que vous pensez pourrait être ajouté pour rendre l'expérience 5/5 !

Jamais jouer un MMORPG comme World of Warcraft, Wildstar, ou Everquest ? Toujours jouer un Healer? Aucun ? Well you’re in luck!

Healing Simulator puts you in the shoes of ACTUAL healers where you get to see NONE of the awesome graphics of your typical role playing game and only stare at health bars and battle text!

Take control in this half role playinghalf puzzleall healing game and defeat the ! Prenez sur plus 25 encounters ranging from stupidly easy, to insanely hard and keep your party alive! If you’ve managed to conquer the encounters ( You are Epic! ) head to the DUNGEON RUN mode and try to keep everyone alive as long as possible and then compare your time against your facebook friends and the developers!

The facebook feature compares your scores against other people on your friendlists! The more people that play the more you can compare your time!

If you have any comments, Questions, bug reports or things you’ve loved to see added just give us an email! We’re a small development team of 2 so all the 5 stars are appreciated!

Healing Simulator
Healing Simulator
Healing Simulator


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