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Mon Virtual Pet v1.2 (contre apk)

My Virtual Pet

Mon Virtual Pet v1.2 (contre apk) 🐙 Meet My Virtual Pet Bobbie, Votre nouveau meilleur ami! 🐙 Tout le monde a un de ces jeux pour animaux de compagnie virtuels pour les enfants aiment parler chien ou chat qui parle, mais ce petit monstre de compagnie est bien différent que mes animaux parlants! Cet animal de compagnie virtuel a un salon pour animaux de compagnie, mini-jeux, coloring books and many more interesting things. Adopt your new, fluffy virtual animal now!


Do you have what it takes to take care of your very own pet monster ?! nourrit le, bathe it, play mini games with it, color beautiful coloring pages for kids, go through various outfits and costumes while advancing through levels and unlocking new features. Bobbie has everything you need to create your unique virtual animalpossibilities are endless!


🐙 ADOPT baby Bobbie, choose a nice name for your talking pet and take good care of it!
🐙 DRESS UP your cute pet monster with countless combinations. Find the outfit of your choice to give Bobbie the best look!
🐙 FEED Bobbie with candy, cookies, fruits, vegetables and pizza.
🐙 BATHE your talking pet to keep it clean and happy!
🐙 PRETTY PET SALON – Bobbie likes to be beautiful all the time, take care of his looks.
🐙 COLORING PAGES FOR KIDS – show your creativity while playing with My Virtual Pet
🐙 TUCK your virtual pet in when it is tired!
🐙 DECORATE every room in Bobbie’s house with dozens of awesome items!
🐙 PLAY MINI GAMES – we created over a dozen mini games for you to have fun and earn coins for new outfits
🐙 SHARE your favorite moments with your talking pet so your friends can see how much fun you’re having
🐙 GROW with Bobbie and enjoy endless fun with your adorable, personalized monster pet
🐙 COMPLETE DAILY MISSIONS to win coins and diamonds to spend at pretty pet salon


Virtual pet games for kids teach you to take care of a pet. My Virtual Pet Bobbie does that too, but it also helps you get creative! You can do anything you want with it while having tons of fun and enjoying endless possibilities of creating your virtual pet at the pretty pet salon.
Bobbie is a talking pet, aussi. So talk to him while you’re playing. Who doesn’t love to chat. Tell Bobbie you love him and your talking animal will say “I love you” back.

Qu'est-ce que vous attendez? There is so much to do with Bobbie the virtual pet! Download My Virtual Pet game now and you will never get tired of this baby pet monster!

My Virtual Pet Game is the intellectual property of DigitalEagle.

My Virtual Pet 🐾
My Virtual Pet 🐾
My Virtual Pet 🐾
My Virtual Pet 🐾
My Virtual Pet 🐾
My Virtual Pet 🐾

After the training, quitter le jeu, when re-entry will be a lot of coins and diamonds.
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